Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Tutorial Group & Mentors

At Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun, we seek to develop independent-minded, self-reliant students with the skills and maturity to succeed in college and beyond, but we know that along the way our students appreciate a guiding hand. To support each student, we have a strong advising programme, which provides every student with a faculty Tutor.

Under the responsibility of the Housemaster / Housemistress, our Tutor programme matches each student with an adult in the community who is there to help them in a variety of ways. Students meet regularly with their Tutors to update them about their individual progress as well as discuss issues of interest and importance. Tutors are here to assist students and parents with every aspect of school life, from academic progress to social adjustments and personal hurdles. Students/families with queries or can most easily start with a phone call to a student’s Tutor. If the Tutor cannot help directly, the Tutor may find the right person with whom to discuss further.

The relationships that develop between Tutors and Tutees may be some of the most important ones a student may have during their time at SRCS.

Mission of Our Pastoral Care Programme

The SRCS Pastoral Care Programme seeks to promote growth in ways that transcend the classroom. Each student is matched with an adult on campus to whom they may turn for personal and academic guidance. By developing a personal relationship with each Tutee through individual and group meetings and by acting as a liaison between the school, the student, and the parent, we aim to foster a joy of learning, self-reliance, a sense of personal and social responsibility, responsible decision-makers, poise in the face of inevitable setbacks, strong values and ethics, and academic and personal success. 

Beyond Academics

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