Student Support

Student Support

It is only natural that a child will yearn for the loved ones at home while adjusting to the new environment. It is our endeavor to make the School their home in this beautiful valley. We welcome them with open arms and provide gentle guidance and make each child feel comfortable.

As they come to us, we take the responsibility to provide emotional and parental love by creating a unique teacher-student relation, keeping in mind the need to instill the right values and confidence required to face the challenges in today’s world. The Housemasters, Housemistresses and Tutors make sure that the day-to-day needs of each student are met.

The school provides students with a supportive community which helps the child build a strong bonding. The system of education has changed with times, and it is no longer merely an academic development that we aspire towards. A citizen of this generation must learn to adapt and succeed in an ever changing world.

The school understands that motivation and encouragement helps prepare them as they step out into the world from this protected environment. Every parent would want their child to realize his or her true potential and we aim to bring out the best in every child.

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