Creative Arts

Another manifestation of learning extending beyond the classroom is in the spheres of art, craft, music & theatre. Such activities serve as a great medium for nurturing talent, self-expression and enhancement of self-esteem. This is why at Shri Ram Centennial School we encourage the participation of our children in musical, artistic and cultural activities.


Theatre Studio

To hone a child’s ability to act, the theatre studio gives a chance to bring out their undiscovered talent.

Dance Centre

We facilitate children to enjoy trained & natural movements to the rhythm of music.

Music Studio

Students learn to channelize their interest in music and are taught to play various instruments.

Amphi Theatre

At the heart of the School is the Amphitheatre with its soothing ambience which adds to the solemn atmosphere of assemblies. The ‘Kund’ is an area where educational and cultural shows are witnessed.

Affliations & Associations