Child Centric

The Shri Ram Centennial curriculum has been developed by experts to encompass the NCERT objectives through enlightened global practices. We believe that the play-centric model is a key in a young child’s learning. Spontaneous play is a natural way of learning for young children; as it provides a wide range and real depth of learning in various development areas: physical, emotional, social, and intellectual. We also emphasize on learning through spontaneous investigation (observation, experimentation, and inquiry). Children are natural scientists. They devote their energy to learning all aspects of the culture they are born into- including language, stories, music, and literature.

The Curriculum provides activities that include:

Integrated topic studies, which has more value than whole-group instruction in isolated skills.

Opportunities for children to learn by observing and experimenting with real objects.

A balance of child- and teacher-initiated activities.

Opportunities for teacher-facilitated activities.

Group projects in which cooperation can occur naturally.

Exposure to good literature.

Authentic assessment of each child's developmental progress.

Opportunities for children to participate in whole-group activities

Time for individuals or small groups of children to meet with the teacher for specific help in acquiring basic reading, writing, mathematical, and other skills as needed.

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