The primary goal of the Learning Labs at SRCS is to mainstream learning as early as possible. Our ceaseless work towards inculcating excellence is complemented by the belief that each child’s needs and abilities are different.

Math Lab

A state-of-the-art Math Lab equips the 21st century learners with activity based learning and creates a challenging atmosphere for students to hone their mathematical skills. A variety of modern and colourful apparatus help in making teaching and learning of the subject interactive, fun filled and joyful. Learning of mathematical concepts through concrete materials, hands-on-experiences and real life situations help to enhance analytical and critical thinking of the learners.

Science Lab

The curriculum fosters problem solving, logical reasoning and analytical skills development. The teaching process even at the middle school is just an extension of what is practiced in the primary section i.e. conceptually learning by relating it to the real world scenarios by extensively using ICT and several other models.


The library is a spring of open minds. SRCS is a dynamic store house of knowledge equipped with books, magazines and CDs covering a wide range of subjects across 20,000 book titles. The books, magazines and CD/DVDs are bar coded. Hence, the teachers and students can view and search for any book online using keywords or the author’s name.  The library’s mandate is to foster independent, life-long learning through collaboration, providing information and learning resources, instructions and technology.

Stem Lab

The lab serves the purpose of building on what they have learned which will add a new level of sophistication to their science projects. In addition to describing data quantitatively, students begin to use their observations to formulate scientific arguments and engage in scientific debate. For M2 and beyond stem lab projects involve students going beyond testing a hypothesis – young scientists are encouraged to use their results to make predictions about what might happen when the experiment is expanded to test new variables. Kit selection of robotics or science project ideas are carefully conceptualized with children in mind, giving them the adequate tools with safety and effectively learn about the world around them by pursuing the answers to their questions in a methodical scientific manner.

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Web Enabled Campus, Future Aligned Learning

At SRCS, state-of-the-art computers have been installed with LCD monitors in all five of our computer labs, library and administration blocks. The computers are networked with Gigabit Ethernet and powered by five servers. The network is supported by uninterrupted power supply. All buildings are connected with Wi-Fi. The multimedia rooms with an overhead projector, television and DVD players conduct audio visual classes.


At the heart of the School is the Amphitheatre with its soothing atmosphere which adds to the solemn atmosphere of assemblies. The ‘Kund’ is an area where educational and cultural shows are witnessed.

The Kund- Amphitheatre

The state of the art amphitheatre can accommodate 300 people is host to many Inter School Competitions, Inter House Competitions, assemblies, yoga, judo etc.

Central Dining Hall

Our central dining hall is impressive, modern, and spacious. The ambience provided builds camaraderie among the students who dine house wise with their tutors and housemasters. The inspiring environment and interiors makes meal time delicious and fun. We have a Mess Committee where a balanced and healthy menu is prepared for all students and staff.

Multipurpose Hall

The multipurpose hall was constructed to provide the school with a raised stage for conducting assemblies, conferences, inter school events, in house creative theatre, drama, music and debates, etc. Badminton, table tennis, squash, yoga, judo etc are also carried out in this multipurpose hall.

Music Block

Melodious music resonates from this excellent facility. The music department is home to both Western and Hindustani music. The school also offers Trinity School of Music to its students where students study music and sit for Trinity Board Examinations. Inter- House and Inter- School Competitions are held regularly to bring out the best in our students. The students who have opted for Trinity Board have achieved high standards of excellence and grades.

Wellness Centre

Our Health Centre is fully equipped with modern beds, and full time trained nurse who monitors the general physical development of our students. Immediate first-aid treatment is provided to all students. Arrangements exist for oxygen cylinder and nebulizer. Checkups for dental, eyesight, weight and height management are conducted on regular basis. This benefit’s in identifying any problem at the very initial stage. The school has a tie-up Synergy Multipurpose Hospital, Ballupur in case of an untoward requirement of advanced medical facilities. We have qualified visiting doctors from the reputed and well established hospitals.


The importance of a classroom in a student’s life cannot be overlooked. Our classrooms help create an appealing and a stimulating learning environment. They are designed to encourage stimulation the mind and promote learning experiences. Everything within the classroom is curriculum focused. This includes furniture, teaching aids, display boards, wall decorations, visuals, and even what can be found on a teacher’s desk.

Village Hut

Our Village Hut which offers pottery and sculpture is another attraction to the many facilities that we offer. Clay and sculpture captivates children’s interest for hours. It has a calming effect and children are engrossed in creating masterpieces. Creativity and imagination takes wings in these classes. Children are encouraged to think beyond the conventional norms. Pottery classes improve children’s motor skills by giving them the chance to engage their arm and hand muscles. As they learn to manipulate the clay, they discover that their hands can be powerful tools. Sensory development and eye hand coordination is enhanced during these classes. The exquisite pottery work of students adorns the foyer and school buildings.

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