SRCS Leadership

Our Mentors

Mr. Vivek Bharat Ram

Mr. Vivek Bharat Ram, the youngest of the three sons of Dr. Bharat Ram, holds a B.S. Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

He became the Chairman and Senior Managing Director of DCM Benetton India Ltd and Chairman of Shri Ram Global Enterprises Ltd. Currently he is the Chairman of Shri Ram New Horizons Limited.

Ms. Sukanya Bharat Ram

Ms. Sukanya Bharat Ram, trustee of the Shri Ram Education Trust is also in the governing council of Lady Shri Ram College since 1992 and trustee of Sarvodya International Trust, Delhi; Chairperson of the Akshar Cultural Trust; former member of the National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights and National Institute of Fashion Technology.

She is also the President of Kasturba Gandhi Memorial Trust, Delhi, which provides educational and health services to rural communities. Currently she has been actively involved with Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti. In recognition of her understanding of the issues related to women & children, Ms. Bharat Ram has been nominated to the Women & Child Ministry’s Working Group for the 12th Five Year Plan in matters relating to pre-school children and adolescents.

Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma

Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma, an alumnus of Delhi’s Hansraj College and holder of a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing & Management from Russia, has spent over 3 decades with the Shri Ram Group. He has been associated with prestigious ventures such as DCM Toyota, DCM Daewoo, DCM Benetton etc.

Mr. Sharma is one of the founder promoters and Managing Director of Shri Ram New Horizons Ltd., a company established in 2002 as a joint venture with the world’s largest training company, New Horizons of USA. As the MD of the company, Mr. Sharma envisions helping the youth of the country realise their dreams through education, training and placement services. Mr.Sharma is also a trustee of the Akshar Cultural Trust, Shri Ram Education Trust and Shri Ram Centennial Education Foundation.

Mr. Jayant Hari Har Lal

Jayant Hari Har Lal, a product of The Doon School and IIT Kanpur started his career as a Marketing Engineer and moved on to being an entrepreneur. He set up a very successful engineering unit at Dehradun and gradually moved towards his passion – teaching. After 7 years of voluntary teaching at his alma mater, he became a full-time faculty member teaching Maths and Physics.

He has been a Housemaster and Deputy Headmaster at The Doon School and then was Founder Principal of the Sanskaar Valley School in Bhopal. He has recently hung up his boots as Director Development at The Doon School and is now engaged as Executive Director with the Shri Ram Group. He is an avid reader, a sportsman having played competitive Basketball, Squash & Golf. Widely travelled he now lives in Dehradun.

Ms. Kaadambari Muttoo

An educator with over twenty-five years of hands-on experience in education, Kaadambari Muttoo, Director has an extensive background and range in international education in India and overseas. She feels that her nearly six years of teaching experience in A’ level and IGCSE English and Drama at the British School, New Delhi has been a significant factor in her own development as an educator. Offered the chance of leading a National Plus Primary School in Jakarta, she took a course in Early Childhood Education with Kinderland Singapore and held the position of Principal for the next five years.

As Principal, she has led organizational effectiveness programmes, conducting generic teacher training, devising innovative staff appraisal models, and developing customised curricula and assessment rubrics for educational programmes.

Ms. Madhuri Parti

A visionary and futuristic educationist. She has vast experience in setting up schools and has headed various schools in many states, and playing a vital role in the dynamic evolution of education. Madhuri Parti who has joined as Director – Academics, is an educator with over two decades experience in various educational institutions.

She has been actively engaged in building learning environments, developing out-of-the-box curriculum and promoting hands-on learning. She supports learning in a safe environment, promotes media and technology literacy in the classroom, and is focused on producing creative and innovative thinkers for global competition. She has been honoured at national and international levels.

Chairman’s Message

Mr. Anil K. Garg was born in Dehradun to a family that settled here pre independence. His upbringing in Doon “abode of saga drona” made him experience the richness of culture, heritage, art, poetry and statesmanship of those glorious times. This greatly influenced his personality. A dreamer and a visionary from the very beginning, during his years of formal education, he often found himself stifled within the rigid boundaries of the educational framework.

He started his career on a humble note, as a businessman, believing firmly that the ‘core competence’ is not the business one does, but the vision, spirit and appetite for risk taking one carries to lead mankind to success. He is the founder member and chairman of Om Ram Educational Foundation.

He has now collaborated with The Shri Ram Education Trust, New Delhi to build independent, responsible global citizens, through a widely accepted curriculum and practices that are founded on learner centric education. His wish is to open doors to the new generation of students. As expectations run high, we believe that each and every child will grow into a star in  the sky. Every day, everywhere we scale new heights, never standing still.



Director’s Message

Modernisation, Globalization and Industrialisation is constantly changing the world around us. Today we are global citizens. Tremendous opportunities lie at our doorstep. People with confidence, critical thinking ability, polished skills, strong academic base and quality exposure are grabbed by the world and they are the ones who become successful.

Here, at Shri Ram Centennial School Dehradun, we create an atmosphere of reverence for education, a healthy environment where Academics, Sports and Co-curricular  activities mould our students and motivate them to be the brightest and the best.

We believe in educating the students in an environment of love and unity, where each student grows as a member of one global family, free from the prejudices of ethnicities, nationalities, class and religious dogmas.

We commit to fulfill our responsibility of carrying to each home the message of prosperity and culture, of freedom and cheer, of life and wisdom. With clear vision and steady steps we march forward.

We invite you to share the joy and success in nurturing the future of this universe.


Know Your Principal

Desmond D’Monte, an M. Phil in English and a Gold Medallist in B. Ed brings with him a wealth of experience in education and teaching with more than 25 years experience of working in reputed and formidable schools in India. Prior to his joining Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun, he was the Principal of Shri Ram School, Rohtak. He has worked as the Vice Principal and Officiating Principal of Birla Vidya Niketan, New Delhi and Principal of St. Peter’s School, Panchgani. He has had a distinguished career in education at St. George’s College, Mussoorie and Welham Boys, Dehradun both reputed boarding schools. He has travelled to Finland to study the best educational practices where the key words for education are quality, efficiency, equity and internationalization. He is an avid reader and sportsman.
He strongly believes that Shri Ram Cenetennial School, Dehradun will be the seed ground for those who wish to be leaders and path breakers, for those who shall experiment with the cutting edge of contemporary thought and creative expression, for those who shall dare to give shape to their dreams and aspirations.

Principal's Message


We believe that excellence and competence is the hallmark of the modern world but the odyssey has been onerous and challenging. Laurels and milestones have been achieved; the bar is raised by every generation but in our race for glory and excellence one should never compromise on core human values of compassion, kindness, and love for humanity. In our quest for advancement let us not ignore the backlash of the have not’s where inequality is widespread and prevalent. Let us be united in our efforts to heal the world and make it a better place for the entire human race with small acts of kindness. We must inculcate compassion in our little ones and teach them through our lives. We must instill the belief that love and compassion are complimentary to each other and they are the greatest possession.   

Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun is an esteemed institution that draws on the very best of modern educational practices. Education at SRCS, Dehradun is inspired by values which have stood the test of time and prepare students to succeed in the 21st century. Excellence in academics is complemented with a plethora of co curricular activities offered to all our students. Our aim is to develop young people who are visionary, articulate and ethically equipped to achieve their full potential in leadership and life. There is an air of happy purposefulness here, a determination to succeed, to enjoy life, to innovate, invent and create something of lasting value. 

We strongly believe that education is the bedrock of all transformation and progress. Our endeavour will be to unlock and develop the potential of mind, body and spirit of every student in my care and help them enjoy an education which will prepare them for a happy adult life.  We would ensure that all students are encouraged to contribute positively and enthusiastically; to develop their strengths and interests and to achieve high standards in both academics studies and in the co curricular activities. 

In addition to offering world class infrastructure at SRCS, Dehradun, we are keen to uphold the traditional Indian values. The thrust here is to blend thoroughly the modern and traditional. Effort is afoot in the school not only to raise the self esteem of each student but to train  them to respect others too. At SRCS, Dehradun I believe that all activities within the classroom or outside aim at nurturing creativity, fostering observation, inquiry and critical  thinking; building confidence and self esteem; shaping character and inculcating core values of tolerance and appreciating diversity  . 

We are very confident that on completion of your ward’s schooling at SRCS, Dehradun, they would be well rounded persons, compassionate and sensitive, imbued with a strong sense of self-worth, confident to take on the challenges of life and equipped with the necessary skills to succeed and to make a difference in the society. 

Desmond D’Monte

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