My Mind is Wild

This art piece is made exclusively by the phrase
“my mind is going wild “or “my thoughts are wild”
that I was inspired by. On hearing it,
I decided to portray it right on paper.
While using the punned term ‘wild’ I manipulated it to reality, 
and added ‘wild’ animals for the rightful depiction of the phrase.
I made the ultimate use of ink and pencils in the entire piece,
and established it to be very colorful.
On altering the exact meaning of the terms,
I decided to adopt a tropical- evergreen theme.
The painting is indubitably cluttered to reflect the bestrewed,
‘wild’ ideas or conceptions at the moment of the woman in the piece.
These animals are usually conveyed as feral,
ferocious and savage and usually seem to be bellowing around,
that is exactly I wanted to relate ‘wild’ thoughts to.
These thoughts then seem to ‘escape’ from her head and flee away from her.
We can therefore determine that she has tamed those thoughts.
Nonetheless, this piece is still up to interpretation.

Adya Singh
Grade XI

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