My thoughts on science

A deliberation, many people argue is needed upon the ethics of science.

Is science the solution for humanity or is it its demise?

Take fore example the invention of the atomic bomb. Was this fascinating invention worth the 1,46,000 lives lost in Japan and the cold war that ensued? However an argument in favour of science is that it just gives us the tools; How we use them is up to us. Is this a case of “a bad worker always blames his tools”? Perhaps.

Moreover, light needs to be brought to the fact that science is far more complex than anything human beings can even dream of. Imagine this: you are living on a rock made from the debris of other rocks that has existed for 5 billion years in an ever-expanding void. How crazy is that? This puts into perspective that we human beings are tiny children playing dress up with the clothes of grown-ups.

Furthermore, science is a mysterious and beautiful thing. It has contributed and taken in equal parts to/from humanity. And yet, science is a force so awe inspiring and powerful, that we have not even scratched the tip of the iceberg.

With the more knowledge we gain, we are lured deeper and deeper to learn even more and so on it goes. In this is the thrill that each scientist experiences. This thrill is what has led to the invention of the light bulb, the discovery of gravity and the theory of relativity.
In conclusion, I am of the opinion that science should be left unguided. Let the scientists experiment with whatever they want, and if it is beneficial for us, even preferable. Additionally, it will expand humanity’s repertoire of knowledge. However, the use of what it produces should be closely monitored.

Therefore, the practical aspect of science should be unchecked, while the social aspect should be monitored in such a way that it leads to progression for humanity and not its destruction. Only then can we use this wonderful tool that is given to us.

-Vihaan Nagpal.

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