Those feelings sort to build up and bundle,
Your emotions turn to tears, this you cannot handle.
You cannot turn to any way, either way it did hurt,
No one seems to understand, it’s all like a dry desert.
Your past keeps hurling onto you. It latches onto you like a leech,
There are lessons, that people to you, teach.
Your emotions don’t process,
Everything seems to hurt. everything is excess.
Everything is nothing at all.
Just how the ocean leaves the sand at the bay,
Your mood becomes like the night and the day,
But everything is for the good they say,
Everything happens for a sole reason.
It was all maybe, a fantasy.
A story made up just for the sake of it.
We turned from being friends to strangers,
How warmth turns unknown in the winters.
You turned this warmth in my heart to frost,
I still turn that to a colour, to not pay the cost,
The cost of paying for and regretting my decisions,
After I end up hurting people, forming restrictions.

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