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Languages are not just mere words but rather portals to a unique world, offering a different perspective on life of those people, their history, and their ancient traditions. Languages give us an insight into the history of humans from various corners of the globe. Language enthusiasts, such as myself, relish the opportunity to explore these perspectives. As a child, I grew up with Hindi speaking parents and was put into schools with English as the medium of conversation. In 6th grade I was made to learn French as my third language and I think this experience of learning a new language really sparked interest inside me to start exploring more of such rich languages and cultures. I started investing my free time in learning about global languages and looked for something that I could easily get my hands on for a start. My linguistic quest started from Asian languages. The amazing Asian languages, such as Mandarin Chinese with its tonal intricacies, Japanese with its graceful syllables, Korean with its complex yet straightforward writing system, and Thai with its melodic tones, allured my brain in a challenging tone and spiked my interest even further. Later during my language journey, my interest shifted from Asian languages to the European languages. The amazing European languages, such as the melodic Italian, the romantic melodies of French, the alluring German speech, the rhythmic charm of Spanish, and the poetic elegance of Russian, really bring out and showcase the lingual heritage of the continent.

Learning these new languages was not just out of mere hobby, but it gave me a sense of achievement. Knowledge of these languages fed my intellect and assured me that I was spending my time rather in a productive manner. Having this unique knowledge gives one a sense of inner superiority in a certain way knowing that they hold such unique knowledge that no one else in the room might have. From the tonal melodies of Mandarin Chinese to the rhythmic flow of Spanish and the lyrical elegance of French, each language presents its own set of challenges and so, for a curious and challenge-seeker like me, language learning can serve as a perfect hobby. Us, language hobbyists enjoy deciphering the intricacies of grammar, pronunciation, and cultural vocabulary, embracing the intellectual stimulation that comes with understanding such linguistic challenges. With each language learned, we add a unique thread to the fabric of our lives, woven with the experiences, memories, and connections raised through the pursuit of this remarkable hobby. In a world full of diversity and interconnectedness, the pursuit of languages not just as a hobby but also as a passion is required. As more people embrace their joy of learning new languages, they embark on a journey that goes beyond linguistic skills.

Gauri Soni

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