The woman

She stomped through the class as she shouted, "I am strong enough to lift the chairs for you, watch me do it rather than any boy!”, simultaneously grabbing the two chairs in a powerful grab struggling to lift them both at the same time, but with enough boldness she did and moved to the other class, as the others stared and the teacher smiled.
Somebody had earlier announced in the class that they needed 'two strong boys to help with moving the chairs' and so she thought why could it not be her or any other girl for that matter? And so, the incident occurred.
That girl had always been someone with a strong will and nobody could change her mind. It was like she wanted to show the world that she is not meant to be 'quite' all the time and rather than sitting at home, she is capable of doing bigger and oh! better things.
Her kindness and her ability to care was not a weakness, and she just needed someone to tell her that they are her strengths, just like her confidence and strength.
Sometimes she needed others to speak what they saw in her because she didn't see that in herself. She didn't see her own potential. She saw her flaws, her wounds and her past and heard what the society wanted her to do. But soon enough she found a newfound confidence that nobody could manipulate. She found that even though she needed some support, she wasn't going to be dependent and that, didn't make her weak.
She knew nobody could stop her and indeed, nobody could. Yes, they tried to pull her down by words that hurt like knives and cut through sharply.
"You're a girl you're not meant to do that."
 "Sit straight and quietly girls don’t raise their voices!"
"Oh look! How she is earning money for her house, trying to act like a man"
 "You need to be more feminine."
But would she let words destruct, and demolish the wonderful building she had created? Absolutely not. And that’s why she kept building it without letting it deteriorate.
So yes, nobody could stop her, in fact especially the society that wanted her to be timid and reserved.
'She' is that woman who will stand up to be better. She is her that wants equality in every aspect of life. She is her who won’t accept oppression.
She is every woman who works hard every day, and maybe even harder than those who get through easily just by a beard on their face. She is her, who cares,manages,protects, and provides love. She is the kindest and her humbleness puts a smile on everybody's face, even those who are struggling. She doesn't need to hurt people to be present in the spotlight and seem out of the box. She didn't find the need to hide her true self and neglect her inclinations and her temperament just to be accepted by the society and to form a concealing cover as her true self screams for exposure from within. She is capable of everything. Moreover,she is the light of the day.

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