Boarding Facility

The boarding facilities at SRCS provide each student with a supportive family environment – a ‘home away from home’, where  they could feel secure and happy immediately.

Qualities such as kindness and consideration towards others, respect for other children’s space and belongings, the desire to learn from one another’s cultures, and to give one’s best in the pursuit of success are what we look to identify and inculcate in our students. We believe that with these life skills they will be equipped to deal with the demands of day to day hurdles. To ensure that these qualities are attained by individual students, we have the presence of House Parents, and a nurse living in the hostel, who give paramount importance to our boarders in all aspects of boarding life including pastoral care, health and safety, as boarding life is rigorous and full of activities.

There is a School Infirmary which is equipped with beds and all the necessary equipment and medical facilities to address the immediate health needs of the students in school. In case a boarder is in need of further medical attention upon advice of the nurse, they are taken to the hospital for special care and parents / guardians are informed immediately.

Separate blocks for both boys and girls.

Eligibility for students from Class 4 onwards.

Accommodation in 4-bedded & 6-bedded rooms.

Pastoral care by matrons and resident tutors.

Overall on-campus guardianship responsibilities which are discharged by House Mistresses and House Masters.

24x7 Security staff at residential blocks.

At SRCS we have counselors who guide the students through their journey of childhood to adolescents and adults. They are trained to advice to children who need it and especially advice on their personal problems.
Each student is attached with an adult on campus to whom they may turn to for personal and academic guidance. By developing the bond of trust and belief through regular individual and group interactions, we aim to:

develop strong values and ethics

instill self reliance

achieve academic and personal success.

Girls Safety

Understanding the responsibility to keep a safe environment for all students, we at SRCS we recognize girls as equal right holder and grant highest priority for their protection and well-being. It aims at providing a safe and conducive environment for all girls through the prevention and response to girl, exploitation and neglect.

Officials at schools act in the place of parents or guardians when girls are in their care. We feel responsible when it comes to preventing foreseeable dangers, to keep students safe.

The school focus on the overall growth and development of girls. If you are looking for the best boarding school for girls in Dehradun, Shri Ram Centennial School is the place to be.

Each child has ample space to unwind and relax. To facilitate the child’s comfort, each boarding house has an experienced Housemaster/Housemistress who is further assisted by matrons and tutors. They are there to provide care and personal attention and cater to their individual requirements.

Common Rooms

Each Boarding House has a common room equipped with Television, Computers with Wi-Fi connection, phone calling system and indoor games.

Dining Hall

Our daily menu provide a varied choice of tasty and nutritious dishes, along with salads and desserts. All meals are served hot.We collaborate with dieticians and nutritionists on all menus, and constantly lookout for ways to ensure healthy, enjoyable meals.

Peace Plazas

An open air seating in the midst of the green landscape outside each boarding house gives space to the children to enjoy moments of peace and tranquility.

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