Dine with Us

At SRCS, where we take pride in offering one of the region's most expansive school dining experiences. Our remarkable dining hall, coupled with a fully equipped kitchen, has the capacity to cater to the entire school community simultaneously, ensuring no one goes hungry.

What sets us apart is our very own in-house bakery, which adds an extra layer of delight to the dining experience. All bakery items served to our students and teachers are crafted fresh within our bakery, using meticulously sourced ingredients. This dedication guarantees the preservation of hygiene, health, and authentic flavors.

At SRCS, we go beyond just providing meals; we cultivate a mindful dining environment. Before and after every meal, our students express their gratitude to the almighty, fostering a sense of appreciation for their nourishment. For our junior students, a nurturing female adult accompanies them at each table, ensuring they enjoy a balanced diet tailored to their needs. Similarly, our senior students are guided by an adult mentor who dines with them across four tables, fostering proper etiquette and discipline.

Behind the scenes, our team of expert chefs works tirelessly to craft delectable and nutritious meals. Collaborating with a seasoned nutritionist, each meal is thoughtfully planned to address the evolving growth requirements and activity levels of our students. At SRCS, we're not just feeding hunger – we're nurturing growth, gratitude, and well-being through every bite.