Weekends at SRCS Boarding House

Embrace the leisurely pace of weekends at SRCS Boarding House, where the routine takes a more laid-back turn from the usual bustling weekdays.

While Saturdays maintain a school-day structure with students attending classes at the regular time, a touch of uniqueness marks these days. School concludes at 2pm, and our boarding students are treated to a delightful 'Tuck Shop' experience. Collaborating with a renowned Dehradun bakery, we offer an array of delectable snacks, available for purchase through the students' imprest accounts.

Additionally, on one Saturday every month, we host an age-appropriate movie screening in the evening, creating a cozy cinematic experience for our boarders. As a special highlight, the third Saturday of each month sees our students accompanied by their dorm parents for an exciting outing to a recreational city spot, fostering camaraderie and exploration.

Sundays unveil a tranquil setting, allowing our students to sleep in until 8:30am. After a sumptuous breakfast, exclusive on-campus classes await our boarders, ranging from pottery and art sessions to vocabulary building and mental mathematics. These sessions enrich their skills while providing a productive and engaging start to the day.

As the sun sets, all boarders relish the opportunity for evening television viewing and phone usage, permitted from 8:30pm until 10pm. This designated time encourages relaxation and connection with loved ones.

At SRCS Boarding House, we believe that weekends are a cherished period of balance, where education, recreation, and personal growth seamlessly converge. Join us in fostering a holistic and enriching boarding experience for your child.