Senior School

“Pedagogy must evolve to make education more experiential, holistic, integrated, inquiry-driven, discovery oriented, learner-centered, discussion based, flexible, enjoyable”

- NEP,2020 Prof . Anjum Sibia NCERT

At SRCS, We endorse the aforementioned statement in every aspect. As students progress into the 9-12 phase, our approach to career teaching and learning becomes highly interactive and enjoyable.

We incorporate flipped classrooms, hands-on experiences, practical sessions, and frequent field trips, emphasizing on active engagement over chalk and talk learning. This makes the learning experience dynamic and enriching.

Creative Teaching

To foster creativity among students, we employ various creative tools. This includes incorporating playful games and visual exercises that captivate young minds and pique their interest. These activities not only encourage students to come up with their own ideas but also grant them the freedom to explore.

E-Learning Integration

Our teaching approach incorporates e-learning methodologies. This involves utilizing power-point presentations, pictorial materials, and audio-visual tools to fuel the students’ imagination and facilitate their growth.

Mind Mapping

An integral part of teaching learning aspect helping the students to retain the information in the right perspective and for extended periods.

Brainstorming Sessions

To stimulate the flow of creative ideas, we organize brainstorming sessions. These gatherings involve multiple minds focusing on a single concept, encouraging everyone to participate in discussions and bringing forth fresh thoughts and perspectives.


Senior school classrooms often consist of diverse learners with varying abilities and learning styles. We at SRCS tailor instructions to meet the individual needs of each student, providing appropriate challenges and support.

Nurturing Positive School Culture

Celebrating student interests is another approach that creates powerful opportunities for them to increase their sense of belonging through art, music, dance, pottery, theatre etc.

Incorporating Environmental Concerns

Ethical considerations, skills, health and hygiene, inclusion, gender, and more into the pedagogy to create a supportive, sensitive, and nurturing learning environment is way of life at SRCS!