Our Houses


Soaring to Success

The griffin is a symbol that represents a harmonious blend of powerful and noble qualities, making it an iconic and enduring figure in mythology and heraldry. They have the undying and unbeatable spirit of the two kings- the eagle and the lion. Green symbolises nature, renewal, generosity and fertility.


Ever Forward

This majestic spirit guide is a powerful symbol of rebirth, regeneration, and new beginnings. When faced with challenges in life, the phoenix reminds us to be resourceful and determined in our efforts to overcome them. Just as the phoenix rises from the ashes of its previous self, we, too, can emerge from difficult experiences stronger and more resilient than before. Red symbolises passion, power and strength.


Unity in strength

The Sphinx represents the symbolic joining of a lion's strength and dominance to a king's intelligence. Yellow symbolises joy, happiness, optimism and idealism.


Committed to excellence

The unicorn reigns as the supreme symbol of magic, beauty, positivity, purity and individuality, making its presence felt across art, literature, and mythology. Blue symbolises peace, tranquillity, stability and loyalty