Diversity and Inclusion

In today's interconnected world, educational institutions are witnessing a significant increase in the diversity of students enrolling in schools.
This rich tapestry of students hails from various parts of the country and even abroad, bringing with them a myriad of cultural, linguistic and
experiential backgrounds.

Our school has attracted students from every corner of the nation, embracing diversity and bridging geographical gaps. Representing diverse states, regions, and cities, our students contribute unique perspectives shaped by their distinct cultural traditions, local customs, and dialects. The amalgamation of these diverse backgrounds creates an enriching environment where students learn to appreciate the beauty of different cultures and celebrate the similarities that bind them together.

Beyond geographical diversity, our school boasts a vibrant tapestry of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore, the diversity of students enables the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences. Students have the opportunity to learn from each other's backgrounds, traditions, and unique insights, fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. It also promotes the formation of lasting friendships and networks, which can extend beyond the school years and have a positive impact on students' personal and professional lives.

"As the school's director, I am proud to say that diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords to us, but a core value embraced by our entire school community. Our dedicated teachers come from diverse backgrounds and bring unique perspectives, creating a rich and inclusive learning environment. Together, we strive to create a safe and inclusive space that celebrates students from all backgrounds, allowing them to learn and grow together and thrive as global citizens."

Mr. Gaurav Garg - Director

Local Community Inclusion

At SRCS, we believe in fostering strong connections with the local community of Sherpur/Selaqui. One of the key ways in which we contribute to the growth and development of our community is through the employment opportunities we generate. By employing individuals from the local community, we aim to promote inclusion, support economic growth, and build a mutually beneficial relationship between our school and the people of Sherpur/Selaqui.