Outdoor Learning Program

Shri Ram Centennial School is dedicated to providing a holistic educational experience that goes beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. Our Outdoor Learning Program is a key component of our curriculum, offering students a wide range of field trips, excursions, and sports activities that foster personal growth, experiential learning, and a deep connection with the natural world.

Field Trips

Our program includes carefully curated field trips to various locations of educational and cultural significance. These trips are designed to provide students with firsthand experiences related to their academic subjects, history, science, arts, and more. Our Mid term excursions are held twice a year. During the first term students explore the beautiful hilly areas of Uttarakhand and beyond, and during the second term, the excursions are towards cities of historical significance. Whether visiting museums, historical sites, art galleries, or natural reserves, these field trips allow students to witness and engage with real-world applications of their studies, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of different subjects.


Our excursions take students beyond the school premises and into the surrounding regions, offering opportunities for exploration, adventure, and community engagement. These excursions may include hiking, camping, environmental conservation activities, and visits to local communities. Students develop a sense of stewardship for the environment, learn valuable life skills, and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them through these immersive experiences.

Sports Activities

Our Outdoor Learning Program also emphasizes the importance of physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Students participate in a wide range of sports activities such as football, basketball, cricket, tennis, swimming, and athletics. These activities promote physical health, enhance motor skills, and develop qualities like leadership, cooperation, and resilience. Through regular practice sessions, friendly matches, and inter-school competitions, students develop a passion for sports and experience the thrill of healthy competition.

Safety and Guidance

The safety and well-being of our students are paramount in our Outdoor Learning Program. Trained and experienced staff members accompany students on all field trips and excursions, as well as when they go for various sports competitions. Risk assessments are conducted, safety protocols are followed, and appropriate measures are in place to ensure the utmost security of our students throughout these outdoor experiences. We prioritize student supervision, maintaining a high level of vigilance and care at all times.

Our Outdoor Learning Program offers numerous benefits to students. It nurtures a sense of curiosity, instills a love for nature, and encourages environmental responsibility. Students develop resilience, adaptability, and problem-solving skills as they navigate unfamiliar environments and overcome challenges. The program also enhances interpersonal skills, teamwork, and communication through collaborative activities and group projects.

Overall, our Outdoor Learning Program provides students with a well-rounded education that extends beyond textbooks and classrooms. By immersing students in real-world experiences through field trips, excursions, and sports activities, we cultivate their intellectual, physical, and social growth, preparing them to become well-rounded individuals equipped for success in a dynamic world.

Tutor-Tutee Program

Shri Ram Centennial School is dedicated to providing a holistic educational experience that goes beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. Our Outdoor Learning Program is a key component of our curriculum, offering students a wide range of field trips, excursions, and sports activities that foster personal growth, experiential learning, and a deep connection with the natural world.

Tutors serve as mentors and role models, steering students throughout their educational journey while instilling essential values for personal growth. Regular tutorial meetings present an invaluable platform for students to openly discuss their concerns, exchange ideas and self - introspect.

At the start of the academic year, the Housemaster selects a tutor for each group of tutees. These tutors work closely with tutees to set academic goals and monitor their progress, through regular Tutorial Meetings. They consistently assist tutees in developing study plans and identifying areas for improvement, while offering feedback on their performance. Beyond academic support, tutors also serve as mentors to their tutees. They provide counsel and aid in areas encompassing personal growth, study techniques, effective time management, and establishment and pursuit of goals.

This system, in its uniqueness, ensures that all students receive comprehensive guidance in value education, catering to their need in the various spheres of life, through their formative years.

Furthermore, we have a parallel program called the Advisor-Advisee Program at the boarding house level, which assigns each student a trusted advisor providing comprehensive guidance. Consequently, ensuring that they receive a broader spectrum of support tailored to their specific needs and challenges.

This program operates under the diligent supervision of our dedicated House Coordinators, Housemasters and the Student Life Coordinator. These experienced professionals supervise and support the tutors and advisors in guiding and mentoring students.

Global Citizenship Program

Our school takes great pride in its comprehensive Global Citizenship Program, which encompasses a dynamic Language Immersion Program, an immersive Cultural Exchange experience along with an empowering Student Exchange Program.

In the Language Immersion Program, students are fully immersed in their chosen language. Through intensive language instruction, interactive exercises, and practical application, students rapidly develop proficiency, allowing them to communicate fluently and confidently in real-world multicultural settings.

Our Cultural Exchange initiatives aim to foster a deep appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures. Students engage in thought-provoking workshops, experiential activities, and enlightening discussions that explore the traditions, customs, and beliefs of various countries and communities. By actively participating in these exchanges, students broaden their horizons, cultivate respect for cultural differences, and develop vital intercultural skills necessary for successful global citizenship.

The highlight of our Global Citizenship Program is the student exchange component, where students have the incredible opportunity to embark on transformative journeys to partner schools around the globe. During these exchanges, students immerse themselves in a new environment, embracing different educational systems, forging meaningful friendships, and experiencing life from a fresh perspective. Such firsthand encounters foster empathy, adaptability, and a profound appreciation for diverse cultures, contributing to the growth and development of well-rounded global citizens.

Through our Global Citizenship Program, students emerge as empowered individuals equipped with valuable language skills, intercultural competence, and a strong sense of social responsibility. They understand the importance of embracing diversity, respecting differing viewpoints, and actively contributing to positive change on a global scale. Our program nurtures students' global mindset, empowering them to tackle complex challenges, forge meaningful connections, and make a lasting impact in our interconnected world.

Student Leadership Program

The Student Leadership Program at our school is designed to empower students and provide them with opportunities to develop their leadership skills, enhance their personal growth, and contribute to the overall well-being of the school community.

Through a carefully curated selection process, students are invited to participate in various facets of this program based on their academic performance, extracurricular involvement, and demonstrated leadership potential. This program encompasses various roles and initiatives such as the Student Council, where students take ownership of the school mission and feel the responsibility to work for the betterment of the school. The Mess Committee is a crucial responsibility in any boarding school. The members of the Mess Committee work towards ensuring that the nutritional and dietary needs of the students are met on a regular basis. These students are the voice of the boarding house with matters related to their diet. Such roles, gives them insight into student demands, and the working dynamics of the organization that help in fulfilling those demands. All other roles and responsibilities that are entrusted to our students, like the Boarding House Council, class monitors, line monitors etc. help in instilling a sense of responsibility and belongingness among students. They learn to take on such positions with a sense of authority, and work towards the betterment of the entire school community.

The Student Leadership Program emphasizes project-based learning, encouraging students to identify and plan meaningful initiatives that address relevant issues within the school community. Through hands-on experience, student leaders learn to lead teams, manage resources, assess risks, and evaluate the impact of their initiatives. This practical approach allows them to apply their leadership skills in real-world contexts and make a tangible difference.

These leadership roles, along with a comprehensive Personality Development Program, help SRCS in honing and polishing each student to face the world with confidence and integrity. This program focuses on empowering students to cultivate essential life skills, boost self-confidence, and nurture positive attitudes. Through a series of interactive workshops, seminars, and practical exercises, students engage in self-reflection, learn effective communication techniques, develop emotional intelligence, and build resilience. These are augmented by providing the students with opportunities to address large gatherings, through mediums of public speaking classes, group discussions, as well as emceeing opportunities.

By providing comprehensive training, mentorship, and experiential learning opportunities, the Student Leadership Program nurtures well-rounded leaders who are equipped with the skills and mindset to excel academically, thrive personally, and positively influence their communities.

Guidance and Counselling

The Guidance and Counselling Program at our school is a comprehensive initiative designed to provide students with the necessary support and resources to enhance their emotional well-being and career development. The program recognizes the importance of addressing both emotional and career-related concerns to ensure holistic growth and success among students.

Emotional Guidance and Counselling: Trained and certified guidance counselors are available to meet with students on an individual basis. These sessions provide a safe and confidential environment for students to discuss personal issues, such as stress, anxiety, self-esteem, relationships, and emotional challenges.

Career Guidance and Counselling

Career Exploration : The program offers resources and activities to help students explore their interests, aptitudes, and aspirations. This includes career assessments, interest inventories, and access to an extensive database of career information. Students are guided through the process of self-discovery and assisted in making informed decisions about their future career paths.

College and University Planning : Guidance counselors provide comprehensive support to students in their college and university planning process. This includes assistance with college selection, application procedures, admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid. Workshops and information sessions are organized to help students and their families navigate the complex college application process.

Vocational Guidance : For students considering vocational or technical careers, the program offers information on vocational training programs and apprenticeships. The guidance counselors help students explore different vocational options and provide guidance on the necessary steps to pursue these paths.

Workshops and Seminars

The program conducts regular workshops and seminars on various topics related to emotional well-being and career development. These may include stress management, time management, effective study skills, interview preparation, resume writing, and job search strategies. Experts from relevant fields are invited to share their insights and provide practical advice to students.

Collaboration and Referrals

The guidance counselors work collaboratively with teachers, parents, and other school staff to ensure a coordinated approach in supporting students' emotional and career needs. They maintain open lines of communication with teachers and provide them with strategies to address emotional concerns in the classroom.

When necessary, the guidance counselors make referrals to external professionals, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and career specialists, for specialized support beyond the scope of the program.

The Guidance and Counselling Program aims to foster a supportive and nurturing environment where students can thrive emotionally and make informed decisions about their future. By addressing both emotional and career-related concerns, the program empowers students to develop resilience, self-awareness, and the necessary skills to succeed academically and in their chosen careers.

Character Education and Community Outreach Program

The Character Education and Community Outreach Program at our school is a comprehensive initiative aimed at fostering the development of strong character traits in our students while actively engaging with and giving back to the community. It is designed to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to become responsible, compassionate, and engaged citizens.

Key Components of the Program include

Character Education Curriculum : We have developed a dedicated character education curriculum that is integrated into the daily activities and academic subjects of our school. This curriculum focuses on cultivating core virtues such as respect, integrity, empathy, honesty, responsibility, and perseverance. Through various engaging and interactive lessons, students learn about the importance of these virtues and how to apply them in their lives.

Learning through Service Projects : Our program emphasizes the value of community service and provides numerous opportunities for students to actively engage in service-learning projects. These projects are carefully designed to address real community needs and provide hands-on experiences that encourage students to develop a sense of empathy, social responsibility, and active citizenship. Examples of such projects may include organizing food drives, volunteering at local under-privileged community groups, or participating in fundraising events for charitable organizations and conducting cleanliness drives. This Program provides our students with an overall joy of giving and thanking the society in their own genuine way.

Outreach Events : We organize regular outreach events to strengthen the bond between our school and the wider community. These events provide platforms for our students to interact with different community members, such as senior citizens, veterans, or individuals with special needs. Students engage in activities that promote understanding, appreciation, and respect for diverse perspectives and experiences. This fosters a sense of community cohesion and encourages students to become compassionate and inclusive individuals.

Outreach Events : We organize regular outreach events to strengthen the bond between our school and the wider community. These events provide platforms for our students to interact with different community members, such as senior citizens, veterans, or individuals with special needs. Students engage in activities that promote understanding, appreciation, and respect for diverse perspectives and experiences. This fosters a sense of community cohesion and encourages students to become compassionate and inclusive individuals.

Guest Speakers and Workshops : We invite guest speakers from various fields, including community leaders, experts, and motivational speakers, to share their experiences, wisdom, and expertise with our students. These speakers offer valuable insights into character development, leadership, social issues, and community engagement. Additionally, we organize workshops and seminars that equip students with essential life skills, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and decision-making, further enhancing their personal growth. Our students are exposed to conducting and attending workshops which sensitize them towards issues of the community and helping out to guide under privileged sections of the society so that they may enrich their quality of life.

Recognition and Awards : We believe in acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of our students in character development and community service. We have a system of recognition and awards to appreciate students who consistently demonstrate exemplary character traits and actively participate in community outreach. These accolades serve as a source of motivation and inspiration for others, fostering a positive culture of character development and community engagement.

Parent and Community Involvement : We actively involve parents and the broader community in our program. We provide resources, workshops, and seminars for parents to support character education at home. We also collaborate with community organizations like Hope Home in Dehradun, traditional village communities like Boxa School in Dehradun, along with educational institutions to strengthen our outreach efforts and provide additional opportunities for our students to learn, grow, and contribute.

The Character Education and Community Outreach Program at our school aims to instill in our students the values and qualities that will enable them to become responsible, ethical, and compassionate individuals who positively contribute to society. Through a combination of curriculum integration, service-learning projects, community outreach, guest speakers, recognition, and active involvement of parents and the community, we strive to nurture well-rounded students who are prepared to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Academic Support Program

At SRCS, we have developed an extensive Academic Support Program that complements our regular academic classes. Our program is designed to cater to the diverse needs and learning styles of our students, providing them with a well-rounded educational experience. It encompasses prep sessions, remedial classes, a state-of-the-art STEM facility along with a strong focus on regular academic classes.

The core subjects, as well as elective courses, are taught by highly qualified teachers who follow a comprehensive curriculum. These classes provide a strong foundation in various disciplines and ensure that students receive a well-rounded education. The Academic Support Program augments these regular classes by providing extra assistance, specialized attention, and additional resources tailored to the individual needs of the students.

Prep Sessions

Our prep sessions are dedicated blocks of time during the day when students can focus on completing their homework assignments and reviewing their lessons. These sessions provide a structured environment where students can concentrate on their studies and seek assistance from teachers if needed. The prep sessions instill discipline, time management skills, and the importance of independent study, enabling students to develop effective study habits.

Remedial Classes

Recognizing that students may face challenges in certain subjects or concepts, we offer remedial classes as part of our academic support program. These classes provide additional support to students who require extra guidance to grasp specific topics. Our experienced teachers assess individual learning needs and tailor their teaching methods accordingly, ensuring that students receive personalized attention. By addressing areas of difficulty, these remedial classes help students build confidence and strengthen their academic foundation.

STEM Facility

In line with the growing importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, our Academic Support Program includes access to a state-of-the-art STEM facility. This facility is equipped with modern laboratories, computer labs, and specialized resources to foster hands-on learning and exploration in the field of STEM. Students have the opportunity to engage in practical experiments, collaborative projects, and innovative problem-solving activities that enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills.

Technology driven Classes

Our technology-driven classes empower students to grasp complex concepts, foster critical thinking, and develop essential digital literacy skills. Through interactive simulations, virtual labs, and collaborative online platforms, we help students grasp difficult concepts and aim to equip them with the 21st-century competencies required for a successful academic journey and a promising future.

By combining regular academic classes with prep sessions, remedial classes, and access to a cutting-edge STEM facility along with the technology driven classes, our Academic Support Program aims to empower students to excel academically. We strive to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment where every student can thrive, regardless of their learning pace or style. Our comprehensive approach ensures that students receive the necessary support, resources, and guidance to reach their full potential and achieve success in their academic journey.